A Biological Foundation
The basis of any healthy organic system is a healthy microbial population. EdenBound Biologicals aims to solve the root of today's most pressing environmental problems with cost effective, organic and environmentally friendly solutions.


Improve stock quality and retention, control odors and pests, treat animal waste, keep a clean farm, and go organic. 
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•  Chicken & Turkey
•  Egg Farms
•  Dairies
•  Hog Farms
•  Livestock
•  Equine Facilities



Enhance food quality and shelf life, support the soil food web, combat the smells of organic amendments, and control pests naturally.
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•  Berries
•  Vegetables
•  Field Crops
•  Stone Fruit
•  Wineries
•  Organic Farms
•  Conventional


Biological Products for a Better World

Depending on chemicals, stimulants, antibiotics, hormones, or genetics alone to improve natural or organic processes tends to increase business costs and have unwanted environmental side affects. Sustainable improvements rely on advanced biologicals. By harnessing the power of the smallest of living organisms, we use nature to solve nature’s problems.

Stewards of the Environment

We are constantly exploring the world of microbiology, bringing forward the most effective and up to date line of products available to foster your peace of mind. Our environmentally advantageous microbial products can help you manage waste and reduce your consumption of materials and energy.